Rubberband Stretch Women's Bermuda Shorts (Sarina/Light Grey) Size 27(5/6)

Rose Royce Rubberband Stretch

$ 49.95

Rubberband Stretch Denim * CUSTOMERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ORDER 1-2 SIZES SMALLER THAN THEIR USUAL SIZE WHEN PURCHASING OUR RUBBERBAND STRETCH DENIM FOR THE BEST FIT * This uniquely developed fabric has a super elastic stretch that will flatter all body types - Ex: A size 32 will fit comfortably in a size 31 and even a size 30 - Rubberband Stretch Denim flatters all shapes and sizes as it balances out the hips and legs, with the bonus of making your current size in jeans 1-2 sizes smaller. The hip and thigh compression ensures that your legs look smooth, as our specialized RBSD fabric sculpts and shapes curves with a firm, but soft and comfortable feel. RBSD jeans stands apart as our revolutionary fit of denim fabric that resists stress even after long hours of wearing. So feel free to go down a size or even two with our exclusive brand of denim - available in skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, capri jeans, and also bermuda shorts*

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